About Me




Rhonda Gibson is a freelance writer, professional blogger and published author. Her work as been featured on a number of sites including Tshirts.com and Halloweencostumes.com


5 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m a New Orleans native which means I measure my ability to live in any place by the quality of food and music.

  2. I have travelled to over ten countries and have been fortunate enough to live in three. A year ago I wrote a travel essay about my experiences for The Places We’ve Been profiling my experiences with Maiko, a student I tutored during my time in The Republic of Georgia.

  3. I’M ENGAGED!!! And it just so happens it’s to the only guy I’ve ever dated. Our meeting can only be contributed to fate as I had never been to Savoy and was only there because a friend randomly invited me to hear live music. Before we went in I said ” I need to kiss a guy, I mean I haven’t kissed a guy in a while.” Alex (my fiancé) was the wonderful man I locked lips with.

  4. In 2012 I attended the Cannes Film Festival in France. I snuck into an A-list exclusive party by hiding between a group of men. Essentially they were so tall that the bouncer didn’t see me in the middle. I met Nicole Kidman and gorged myself on free champagne for hours!

  5. I secretly wish to work for TMZ. I think it’s the perfect combination of being nosy and writing about something I love…




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