Rejection, the Breakfast of Champions

I recently applied to two graduate schools and received two rejection letters. These neatly worded notices remind me there were a number of qualified applicants however only a select few had been chosen. Despite the sting of rejection I wasn’t bitter (okay maybe just a little). I should frame the little bastards to remind myself that these rejections have no bearing on my potential to succeed.

UCLA MFA Producing Program

There it is…

I am thoroughly convinced throughout the course of my life I will receive a combination of acceptance and rejection. I am also convinced that sometimes receiving a no is the better end of the deal.  I am not advocating failure but I believe there are times when a rejection stokes that fiery desire to never quit. That’s right folks rejection is the breakfast of champions.

Flash back to the 90s. A young George Clooney enveloped in that classic boyish charm stars in the hit TV show ER. For perspective, before landing such a career maker, Clooney starred in several failed television pilots. Before that he went on numerous unsuccessful auditions. To make matters worse, he debased himself by starring in Return of the Killer Tomatoes. That’s right Return of the Killer Tomatoes, where tomatoes commit murder. During one interview the G Man commented on his ER achievement. He said: “You may go on a hundred auditions and book two gigs. That means you had to hear no 98 times before you got your yes.”

Since then the famous Mister Clooney has received a number of yeses. He is now in the position to give them…or not. Being turned away isn’t the end of the road and very rarely does it mean you must give up. There is always the option to try again or find another way to get what you want. Ask yourself how bad do you want (insert goal here)? If it’s important don’t let go.  That’s what I’ve been reminding myself, never let go…never!

I’ve been on a career kick, compliments of being 27 and counting. Additionally I’m getting married and if you know me, I don’t believe in traditional gender roles. Equal partnership folks, equal. I want to bring something good into my new and evolving life. Breaking out of my traditional I’ll-take-whatever-job-comes-my-way-until-something-new-comes-my-way-routine has got to stop. Before I entered college I never asked myself what I envisioned doing, never made plans, and most certainly never set goals. In a round about way I’m doing that now. I haven’t let go my desire for acting, hell it’s so rooted in my core I couldn’t let go if I tried. I do however recognize as a creative individual I need a creative career and I’m excited!

Getting turned away from these two programs isn’t the end of me. This is part of my journey to discover (perhaps) myself. I like where this is going.

Next week I’ll be unveiling my latest round of life vomit: Change Your Story, Change Your Life (title pending) inspired by Nicole Antoinette. I’ll tell you all about my secret dirty word and why I love it, so stick around.


3 thoughts on “Rejection, the Breakfast of Champions

  1. Successful people don t tend to be luckier than unsuccessful people, they just persevere more. Keep knocking on the doors of opportunity and something will open eventually.

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